ned gibbs

Advertising & still life photography & film

With over 10 years experience, Ned specialises in drinks, liquids & food. Fond of all things bold, bright and bizarre, Ned's blend of loud colour and a mature aesthetic gives his work a wide appeal. 


Working within still and moving imagery, Ned creates visuals that capture the eye as well as the imagination.


"I like to play off realism. Challenging your understanding of how the world works. We're so used to computer generated imagery showing us impossible things that we've forgotten the magic of the real world. That is why everything in my work is really there. Every bottle, every bubble, every background and highlight. All of it has been captured in camera. My goal is to make you question how that was possible." 

This website is full of Ned's imaging exploits, so if you like what you see then please get in touch below. 


Small Beer / Cambridge Gin Distillery / This Works / Net-A-Porter / Mr Porter

Mad Squirrel / Fat Face / Olietta / Cambridge Cutthroat